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Dave Pasquantonio

Freelance Editor
Freelance Writer



I'm a freelance writer and editor, a learning and development professional, and a published author. I've worked for financial and marketing firms as an instructor, technical writer, and instructional designer. I've written over a hundred newspaper columns and features as a journalist and stringer, and I've helped many authors achieve their dream of publication.


My freelance writing and editing services include:


  • Copy, line, and developmental editing

  • Proofing and formatting

  • Manuscript evaluation

  • Writing coaching and mentoring

  • Query letters, synopses, and agent submission packages

  • Advertising and marketing for self-published and indie authors

  • Writing and editing newspaper articles, features, and columns

I'm an expert in the Microsoft Office suite and Scrivener and will work with documents in any other format. I especially love genre projects, including science fiction, fantasy, mystery, thrillers, suspense, and horror. If you're looking for guidance on formatting your ebook or print book for publication, I use Vellum, which produces beautiful books!


Find the right partner to trust with your work and your words. Contact me for more information. Thank you! And please check out my full list of services, along with my rates.

Muck Rack has links to many of my articles, and I will provide other samples upon request.



The Matildas - eBook.jpg

Click here to see all the places where you can buy The Matildas as an ebook!

My debut novel, The Matildas, is available worldwide in print and digital!

Brilliant. Ambitious. A great detective. Matilda Garrigan is none of these in THE MATILDAS, a quirky, clean, sci-fi mystery with duplicates, duplicity, and an amateur sleuth in WAY over her head.


Tiny book publisher Mitotic Press takes novels from one Earth and publishes them as their own on a parallel Earth, thanks to a portal in an otherwise-boring conference room. They're book thieves, with a pretty sweet (and very secret) business—until someone anonymous threatens to reveal Mitotic’s portal to both Earths.

Matilda Garrigan quit her dream job at Mitotic Press after she was too late returning from a dumb-ass business trip to the other Earth to prevent her girlfriend's death. Mattie’s good at running away from her problems—and she’s certainly no detective—but when Mitotic comes calling, she reluctantly returns to channel her inner Nancy Drew and find out who’s behind the threat.


Mattie’s investigation leads nowhere—and, predictably, she gives up—but when more clues are found and bodies start piling up, Mattie realizes that the mastermind can be only one person—


—except she's already dead.


To keep Mitotic’s portal a secret—and finally tell the perfect woman how she really feels—Mattie faces angry ex-lovers, terrible music, identical killers from multiple Earths, and a mystery that grows weirder by the day.

Want the first 10 chapters for free? Get your free excerpt 👉here!👈





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I'm a freelance writer and editor (and stay-at-home dad) in Millis, Mass. My short stories and poems for children and adults have been published in literary and genre anthologies, magazines, and journals, and I've written over 100 newspaper articles and features. I'm a Reedsy professional and a member of the Editorial Freelancers Association, Mystery Writers of America, and GrubStreet.




For more information on my freelancing services, or to give feedback on my fiction, email me at

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